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One Stop at SMSF Service

SMSF Services



AFSL NO. 239197

The main benefits to set up a SMSF are

•          The super is controlled by members of the Fund and they act as the Fund Trustee(s).

•          The Trustee(s) control the Fund, Bank & Cash Management Accounts

•          Flexible investment options

•          Tax savings

•          Asset Protection & Estate planning

•          Lower cost  structure

•          Portability - The Fund is totally portable; it is not necessary for each member  to reside at the same address or even the same State

Being self managed super fund specialist advisers, we have the expertise to set up, administer and maintain compliance of your self managed  super fund so that you can gain control of your super. Superannuation legislation keeps on changing and we provide the best super strategy so that you are entitled to optimum returns from the super scheme.

Our unparalleled service features are:

•          Ongoing administration & regulatory compliance of super fund during the year

•          Preparation of statutory statements for the fund

•          Preparation & lodgment of tax returns for the SMSF

•          Professional & reliable advice for related issues such as estate planning and family matters

Call Michael Todd (AFSL NO. 239197) for a complimentary assessment (normally $440).

If you have any questions, please click here to submit an enquiry form.

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